M5 Contemporary Clock



When most people think of a hardwood
clock they usually conjure an image of the family heirloom grandfather clock or the classic fireplace mantel clock. These clocks are common fixtures in many homes. Their abundance is a testament to our human curiosity and attraction to these magnificent and beautiful creations.  Few people, however, can imagine a clock that is constructed entirely from wood, including the moving gear trains.  Wooden skeleton clocks are rare works of functional art. Only a handful of woodcraft artisans can design and build them to order.

ill_1You can understand why the ranks of wooden clock artisans is thin when you consider the multitude of disciplines that the artisan must master before putting blades to wood. Building one of these clocks is a real challenge, and the finished work is well worth the effort.  And, one of these clocks ticking away in the foyer of a home or office building creates a sense of amazement and usually becomes the center of attraction. 

Have a look for yourself and browse through the gallery of clocks. Then contact me to learn how you can own one.

These original clocks are built on a commission basis. Limited number of available annual commissions. Some clocks may be available as inventory. Please contact me.